Dr. Xavier Hall Speaks at 2024 Symposium on Action for Sexual and Gender Minority Health

Emily Stewart

We are thrilled to announce that our Assistant Director, Dr. Casey Xavier Hall, was selected as a Panelist for the upcoming 2nd Annual Symposium on Action for Sexual and Gender Minority Health. This hybrid event, organized by The Queer Inclusion, Equity, Health, & Rights (QuIEHR) working group, has gathered the minds of experts dedicated to advancing the health and rights of sexual and gender minority (SGM) Populations. 

Dr. Xavier Hall's segment, titled "Using latent class analysis to examine the impact of intersectional discrimination on mental health in two samples," is set to be a highlight of the symposium. His expertise in public health and SGM research, coupled with a a deep understanding of the challenges faces by SGM communities, provides valuable insight for all attendees. 

The symposium aims to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among Drexel University community members and partners invested in research, education, training practice and advocacy related to SGM health. By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, the event seeks to address the biopsychosocial determinants of SGM health. 

Panelists will cover a wide range of topics, including SGM aging, cardiovascular health, intersectional stigma, mental health, and minority stress.