Anh-Khoi Nguyen Le

Graduate Research Assistant
Anh-khoi Nguyen Le

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Phd Student, Graduate Research Assistant (He/Him/His)

Anh-Khoi Nguyen Le is a doctoral student and research assistant in the Department of Marriage and Family Therapy at Syracuse University (New York). He has also been a therapist at the Couple and Family Therapy Center there. He has a BA in Counseling and Psychotherapy, an MA in Clinical Psychology, and an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy. Before his research career, Anh-Khoi worked with various marginalized populations, such as male sex workers, gay and transgender individuals, immigrant families, and victims of violence and abuse, in Vietnam and the US as a health educator, a systemic therapist, and a lecturer. His interventions are centered in promoting trustworthiness and fairness in interpersonal relationships as well as healing traumas. His research interests are focused on marginalized populations, particularly queer and transgender groups, in relation to individual well-being and relational satisfaction; social predictors of those outcomes and health-related disparities across groups; and culturally-attuned interventions.