Hyeouk "Chris" Hahm

Dr. Hyeouk "Chris" Hahm

Hyeouk “Chris” Hahm bridges epidemiology, theory building, intervention development, and testing to better understand the causes of depression, self-harm, and suicidal behaviors among Asian American women. A Fellow of the Society for Social Work and Research and member of several editorial boards, she is the chair of her department and has earned national recognition for developing the Asian Women’s Action for Resilience and Empowerment (AWARE) program to test interventions and reduce mental health problems in non-clinical populations. She has received major grants from the National Institute of Health and National Science Foundation to support her research, has published a book and 60 journal articles, and has given 200 professional talks locally, nationally, and internationally. She is a past winner of the Outstanding Mentor Award from BU’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.