Laura Marks

Laura Reid Marks

Dr. Marks is an assistant professor in counseling psychology in the APA-accredited combined counseling and school psychology doctoral program at Florida State University. She is originally from Kingston, Jamaica. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology, as well as her master’s and education specialist degrees in school counseling from the University of Florida. She received her PhD from the APA-accredited counseling psychology program at Purdue University. Her primary focus is on minority stressors (e.g., racism, microaggressions) and its effects on the lives of adults from marginalized groups (e.g., people of color). Her recent research projects have focused on two primary strands: (a) health disparities in people of color (microaggressions, mental health, and health behaviors) and (b) career and professional development issues. She is director of the Global Research On Working To ameliorate Health disparities (G.R.O.W.T.H.) Research Lab.